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Panoramic Dental X-ray Tube TOSHIBA D-051

Panoramic Dental X-ray Tube TOSHIBA D-051

Panoramic Dental X-ray Tube TOSHIBA D-051

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Type: Stationary anode x-ray tube
Application: For panoramic dental x-ray unit
Model: KL5A-0.5-105
Equivalent to TOSHIBA D-051
Integrated high quality glass tube

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This tube is designed for replace TOSHIBA D-051 paranoiac dental x-ray unit and available for nominal tube voltage with self-rectified or DC circuit.
The high anode heat storage capacity ensures a wide range of applications for intra-oral dental application. A special designed anode enables an elevated heat dissipation rate which leads to a higher patient throughput and a longer product life. A constant high dose yield during the entire tube life is ensured by the high density tungsten target. Ease of integration into system products is facilitated by extensive technical support.


This tube is designed for replace TOSHIBA D-051 paranoiac dental x-ray unit and available for nominal tube voltage with self-rectified or DC circuit.

Technical data

Nominal Tube Voltage 100kV
Nominal Inverse Voltage 115kV
Nominal Input Power(at 1.0s) self-rectified: 840W  DC: 1750W
Max. Anode Cooling Rate 265W
Max. Anode Heat Content 30kJ
Filament Characteristics Ifmax3.5A,5.5±0.5V
Nominal Focal Spot 0.5 (IEC60336/2005)
Target Angle
Target Material Tungsten
Cathode type W filament
Permanent Filtration Min. 0.5mmAl/50 kV(IEC60522/1999)
Dimensions 145mm length by 50mm diameter
Weight Approx.480 grams

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Maintaining seasoning schedule
Prior to usage, season the tube in accordance with the seasoning schedule given below until
the required tube voltage is attained. Example given – needs to revise by the manufacturer
and specified in the data sheet of the part:
Initial incoming seasoning and seasoning schedule for idle period (more than 6 months)
Circuit: DC (Center grounded)

KL5A 老练图
When the tube current is unstable in seasoning, immediately switch off the tube voltage and
after an interval of 5 minutes or more, increase the tube voltage gradually from the low
voltage while making sure that the tube current is stable.
The withstand voltage performance of the tube unit will be lowered as the exposure time and
the number of operation increase. Stain-like impact traces might appear on the x-ray tube
target surface by slight discharge in the course of the seasoning. These phenomena are one
process to recover the withstanding voltage performance at that time.
Therefore, if it is in stable operation at the maximum tube voltage of seasoning subsequent
to them, the tube unit can be used without any interference to its electrical performance
which in use

Competitive Advantage

Elevated anode heat storage capacity and cooling
Constant high dose yield
Excellent lifetime

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