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Rotating Anode X-ray Tubes MWTX64-0.8_1.8-130

Rotating Anode X-ray Tubes MWTX64-0.8_1.8-130

Rotating Anode X-ray Tubes MWTX64-0.8_1.8-130

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Type: Rotating anode x-ray tube
Application: For Medical diagnosis x-ray unit
Model: MWTX64-0.8/1.8-130
Equivalent to IAE X20
Integrated high quality glass tube

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MWTX64-0.8/1.8-130  tube has a double focus designed for use with standard-speed anode rotation for high energy radiographic and cine-fluoroscopic operations.

The integrated high quality tube with glass design has two super imposed focal spots and a rein-forced 64 mm anode. The high anode heat storage capacity ensures a wide range of applications for standard diagnostic procedures with conventional radiographic and fluoroscopy systems.

A special designed anode enables an elevated heat dissipation rate which leads to a higher patient through- put and a longer product life.

A constant high dose yield during the entire tube life is ensured by the high density rhenium-tungsten compound target. Ease of integration into system products is facilitated by extensive technical support.


MWTX64-0.8/1.8-130 rotating anode X-Ray Tube is especially designed for Medical diagnosis x-ray unit.


Maximum Operating Voltage 130KV
Focal Spot Size 0.8/1.8
Diameter 64mm
Target Materia RTM
Anode Angle 16°
Rotation Speed 2800RPM
Heat Storage 67kHU
Maximum Continuous Dissipation 250W

Filament Characteristics

Small filament fmax=5.4A ,Uf=7.5±1V
Big filament Ifmax=5.4A,Uf=10.0±1V
Inherent Filtration 1mmAL
Maximum Power 10KW/27KW

Outline Drawing


Recommended Seasoning Procedure for Long Period Unused Tube


In order to keep long term to use x-ray tube device without any failure, please make seasoning procedure before usage, and enough cooling after application.

Seasoning procedure

1. Before the initial start-up of the x-ray tubes or after extended idle time (more than 2 weeks), we suggest to make seasoning procedure. And when tubes become unstable, recommend make seasoning procedure according to below seasoning procedure table.

2. Ensure that adequate radiation safety precautions are taken to protect any existing image intensifier against radiation. In order to protect x-ray leakage radiation, please close the collimator which is assembled into the port window of x-ray source.

3. When the tube current becomes unstable during high voltage ramp up, it is necessary to reduce the high voltage to be sure the tube current become stable.

4. Seasoning procedure must be done by professional and safety knowledge people.


When tube current cannot be set 50% mA, the tube current should be set not excess 50% and nearest value. which close to 50% value.

Competitive Advantage

Standard speed anode rotation with silenced bearings
High density compound anode (RTM)
Elevated anode heat storage capacity and cooling
Constant high dose yield
Excellent lifetime

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