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X-ray Exposure Hand Switch Omron C2U HS-01

X-ray Exposure Hand Switch Omron C2U HS-01

X-ray Exposure Hand Switch Omron C2U HS-01

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Product Name: X-ray exposure hand switch
Brand Name:SAILRAY
Certificate: CE, ROHS
Max. Current: 2A
Max. Voltage:30VDC
Type: Inner Omron microswitch type
Electrical Life: 200,000 times
Mechanical Life:1,000,000 times
Shell material:ABC plastic
Length:3m, 5m
Cores: 3 core, 4 core
Connector: can be fixed to DB9 connector or RJ45, RJ11 connector

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Model: HS-01
Type: Single stepping
Construction and material: With Omron micro switch, PU coil cord cover and copper wires

Brand: Sailray

Got CE, ROHS approval


X-ray Hand switch is an electric control parts with two step trigger, can be used for controlling the on-off of electrical signal, photographic equipment and medical diagnostic X-ray photography exposure. X-ray exposure Hand switch, used OMRON micro switch as component contacts, is a hand-held switch which has single stepping switches and with fixed trestle.

This type of x-ray machine switch can be 3cores and 4 cores. The coil cord length can be 2.2m and 4.5m after fully stretched. Its electrical life can reach to 300 thousand times while its mechanical life can reach to 1.0millioin times.

X-ray exposure Hand switch is comply with the national safety standards: GB15092.1-2003 "the first part of the medical electrical equipments: general requirements for safety" related provisions. Get CE, ROHS approval.


Applicable to x-ray exposure of radiography or fluoroscopy equipment. X ray hand exposure hand switch is mainly used on portable x ray, mobile x ray,stationary x ray,analog x ray,digital x ray,radiography x ray etc x ray equipment. it is also applicable to beauty laser device,healthy recovery device etc field. 

Performance Parameters( 3 cores and 4 cores)


Working Voltage (AC/DC)


Current( AC/DC)

Shell Material









White, ABS engineering plastics

 I stage

Concentric line

 II stage


Working Voltage


Working Current (AC/DC)

Shell Material


Green (COM)

+Red (NO)




White, ABS engineering plastics

First stage

Second stage

Type and Useful time

Cores:two cores

Type:single step

Useful time(Mechanical life): 1.0 million times

Useful time(Electrical life): 300 thousand times

Transportation and Storage Conditions

Environment Temperature Relative Humidity Atmospheric Pressure
(-20~70)℃ ≤93% (50~106) KPa


Standard 3-core, 3m-wire 4-core, 3m-wire

3-core, 4m, 5m,7m or 10m wire

4-core, 4m,5m,7m or 10m wire

Other requirement Other requirement


The common questions on the x-ray push button hand switch
1. Can you accept customize hand switch?
Yes. Please feel free to send us your detail requirement by email . You will
get our reply in 24 hours.
2. Can we print our logo/website/company name on products?
Yes, please advise the size and Pantone Code of the logo.
3. What's the lead time for regular order?
3-5 days for order quantity lower than 100pc hand switch; For more
quantity, usually 15 days.
4. Can I get a discount?
Yes, for the order quantity more than 50 pcs hand switch, please contact us to
get the best price.
5. What is the quality warranty?
We offer 12 months warranty after the hand switch is delivered.

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  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc

    Price: Negotiation

    Packaging Details: 100pcs per carton or customized according to the quantity

    Delivery Time: 1~2 weeks according to the quantity

    Payment Terms: 100% T/T in advance or WESTERN UNION

    Supply Ability: 1000pcs/ month

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